Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Birthday GiveAway!!

Good Morning Everyone!!

I have decided to do a GiveAway for my Birthday which is on January 27th!!  I wanted to celebrate my special day with all of my friends and followers.  I am so grateful to have gotten to know so many of you and for the great friendships I have made so far!!  So, I will be giving away a Happy Hauntings Cart!!

To enter all you need to do is 
1. Be a Follower
2. Leave me a comment and tell me what you would like for your birthday this year.
3. Post a picture of my Birthday Candy on your sidebar and/or post about it
I will pick a winner on my Birthday using
(U.S. Shipping Addresses only please)

I guess I should have mentioned earlier what my amazing present is.  I actually got it a few weeks ago because HSN was having a special on the Cricut Imagine!! Yep, my hubby bought me the Imagine!! Woo Hoo!! I'm so grateful to my wonderful hubby that supports me with this crazy obsession and that will spoil me too!!

Thanks Everyone for helping me Celebrate!!
Hugs to all of my Bloggy Friends!!


  1. I am already a follower. All I want for my b-day is to spend it with my family.
    I will post on my sidebar. thanks fort the chance to win.

  2. Whoo hoo!! Happy Birthday!! Thanks for a chance to win!

  3. Whoo hoo, Happy Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you have a Fabulous Birthday!! Thanks for the chance to win and heading to my blog to post your Birthday Blog Candy on my side bar..


  4. Happy early Birthday! For my bday, I would love all my family to be there and of course a new cartridge or two, LOL All ready a follwer.

    Have a fabulous day

  5. Happy Birthday! My birthday is months away so I haven't thought about what I want but I'm sure it will be craft related :)


  6. Happy early birthday Else! Mine is next Mondy! I would like for my birthday....let's see too many choices: (hee, hee) to be with my family (immediate and extended). That's the safe answer! I am a follower. I will post about your candy on my blog.

  7. I am already a follower and would LOVE a bind it all for my birthday this year with all the extras!

    Happy birthday lady!! Hope its a GREAT ONE & you get all that you wish for and more.


    Lisa J

    tjsgal at gmail dot com

  8. Happy Early Birthday! I'm a follower:)
    For my Birthday I would Love a Cricut Imagine or Cricut Expression! I have the little Cricut but would love the larger one!

    I will post this on my blog!

  9. I am already a follower, I posted this on my sidebar, BUT I am from Canada, so I can't win. :( Hope you have a great Birthday though. :)

  10. WOW! Happy to be Birthday! and how sweet of you to offer such a great prize!
    For my birthday this year Id love to see my Mom. Its a long story but we have not seen eachother for 5 years since my Mom and Dad divorced, she stopped taking to everyone and I miss her so much. That would be the best birthday present ever! Thanks for askiing what wed like :) so fun to wish :)
    Have a terrific day an have an awesome BIRTHDAY!
    raegina at gmail dot com

  11. Happy Birthday!!
    For my birthday, I would like a gypsy. Actually before that because my birthday is not until October!!

    Thanks for the chance to win such a cool cart! Halloween has got to be my fave holiday! :-)

  13. Happy Birthday Elsa, I am a follower already, thanks for a chance to win this cart! Love Halloween. Not sure yet what I am wishing for yet!!

  14. Happy Happy Birthday Elsa!!! I know I'm early!!! I'm already a follower and put your blog candy on my blog!!!! My birthday is next month and I so need a new laptop...mine is over 6 years old and really really slow! Thanks!

  15. How fun! What a great idea. I've posted it on my sidebar and made a post about it here
    Good luck to everyone!

  16. Hi Elsa, Happy Happy Birthday!! I am a follower. For my birthday this year, which is in February, I would love more cricut cartridges, I've already told my husband, so I'm crossing fingers and toes! =)

  17. Happy Birthday!!!!!New follower here, love your blog! Unfortunately my birthday was the 3rd of january so i dont get to ask for anymore presents this year :( Thanks for the chance at a giveaway though

  18. Now a follower...hope you can do the same! :-)

    I need more cartridges for my birthday....just got a Cricut for Christmas! :-) Happy Birthday! Posted on my sidebar too!

  19. Happy Birthday!! I don't have a blog but I am a follower. I would love a new laptop. Crossing my fingers.

  20. You don't have to enter me in the giveaway, I have this cart. its great! Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday month! enjoy! Dina

  21. Happy Early Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful one! I would love to get a bind it all for my Birthday!!

    Thanks for the chance at this cartridge, its one on my wishlist :)

    I posted about your giveaway on my sidebar!

    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  22. Woo Hoo! Happy Birthday, Elsa! I would LOVE a new laptop for my birthday. Mine is almost 5 years old and moving a little slow.

    Birthday Hugs!

  23. I'd like to take a vacation on my birthday....I'd love some alone time with my hubby. I'm a follower. I don't have a blog...otherwise I would post it. :) Happy Early Birthday!
    kcmarlowe at hotmail dot com

  24. Happy Happy Birthday, posted on sidebar w/link!!

  25. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a good day!! :)

  26. Thanks for the great giveaway Elsa! And I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY early! HUGS!

  27. I'm already a follower.. Happy birthday. For my birthday i really want a gypsy or a cuttlebug. My birthday is next month so hopefully i get it. i posted it on my blog. Thanks for a great giveaway..

  28. Happy Birthday Elsa. I think for my birthday I would like to spend some times with my Grand kids. Don't get to see them much and They grow so fast.. before ya know it they are grown and driving to see you. (Hope I get to enjoy that too.) Thanks for the chance at an awesome

  29. Happy Birthday! I really want alot, more paper, a crop-a-dile, more accessories...

    kimsheppard6 at hotmail dot com

  30. Wow, that would be a gift for me! I love spending birthdays with friends, lunch is nice.

  31. Happy Early Birthday!! Mine is the 29th! What I would like for my birthday is for a JOB! I have been unemployed for over 2 years now, but I know God will put me where He wants me to be.
    Thanks for the chance to win this cart! Charlotte

  32. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! I would love to get a gift to Micheal's this year! I am already a follower and posted your candy on my sidebar! Thanks for the chance!

  33. Well Happy Birthday! I would like a gift certificate to any craft store. I need to fund my madeness. I enjoy following your work and thanks for the chance to win.


    For my birthday in September I would like any and all craft supplies. ATG tape, cartridges, paper, 12x12 mats etc.

    I will share you good news on FB,

  35. are such a crackup! Every day is a party for you, and i love that about you! I hope your birthday is FAB! For my birthday this year, I want a Gypsy...I am trying to pay off many bills, so that is the ONLY scrapbooking/papercrafting toy/ I am going to purchase this year. I'm trying to challenge myself to be creative!

    Or you can message me on the FIF FB Group Page!

  36. Happy Birthday and it is nice to meet you and I became a follower and now you are on my stalking would love to be with my friends for my birthday which is in Oct and have a wonderful dinner and my son and I have one together on a weekend every year...I am in need of so many things for my crafting creations...too many to list! Have a happy day! :)

  37. Happy Birthday!

    My birthday is in March and I would love for hubby to let me go to the Cricut Dallas Stampede!

    desaucier at bellsouth dot net

  38. Happy Birthday! I will now be forever stalking you! My Birthday was January 6th :) GO CAPRICORN!! I received from my DH my Cuttlebug & some embossing folders.

    Debi Nelson

  39. I am already a follower! This year on my birthday, I am planning to be participating in an oil painting workshop in southern Utah. It is 10 days long and starts 2 days before my birthday. If it weren't for this, I would want a Cricut Expression, but all my birthday wishes this year are going towards this trip! Thanks for the chance to win this adorable cart!

  40. Well, have a wonderful birthday! I am already a follower and think your posts are wonderful! For my birthday in June I wish to be with all my nieces and nephews (and great nieces and nephews) at my nephew's wedding in AZ. I posted your pic on my sidebar at
    I am myska
    mwhitmore1 at comcast dot net!

  41. Happy Birthday! For my birthday I am saving for an Imagine. My birthday is in December so I have a whole year! Thanks for the chance to win a great cartridge!


    hollyshobbie at gmail dot com

  42. What a good give away, I have wanted this cartridge since, I first heard of it but it is always sold out

  43. Happy early birthday! For my birthday or sooner, I would like to win the lottery :) Thanks for the chance to win.

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  44. Happy Birthday!!!!! My birthday is in September so I have time to think ahead since I got my cricut all my gifts are cricut related so it may be a cart or paper or embossing folders.
    TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  45. HAPPY EARLY BDAY TO YOU!!!! Elsa, for my bday this year I would LOVE a new CAR. Dodger blue ofcourse!!! Thanks for this great giveaway!!!!!

  46. Happy Early Birthday, Elsa!!!
    I have become a new follower and posted about your give-away on my blog (
    For my birthday I am wishing for a new Cricut cartridge or two, or maybe a Cuttlebug with some emblossing folders.
    Have a wonderful birthday!
    RecipeScrapper at sbcglobal dot net

  47. Happy Early Birthday girlie!!!!! My birthday just passed but for my next Birthday i would love Craft goodies!! I'm a loyal follower of course:) and I posted it on my sidebar!!! Hey girl, I would like to know what YOU would like for
    your B-Day? Best wishes and nothing but the best for you!!!

  48. Happy Birthday, Elsa!! I am a new follower on your blog, & look forward to enjoying your blog! I would love if my son & his family would come to OH or me go to NV, to spend time with my grandson who will be 2 years old 3 weeks before my birthday!!

  49. Happy early Birthday. I would like more cricut carts. I've become addicted to them. LOL

  50. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y
    I love getting new crafting supplies.. Dawn RI

  51. Happy early birthday. Today is my son's birthday and my daughter's is the 15th so this is a great month for BD. I would love to use more of my things and spend less this year.

  52. First of all. Happy Birthday Elsa! Love your blog and all the creative post you have had. Very creative!! Great Birthday candy! Have a good Birthday and for my b-day I want to have a crafty party with all me crafty friends!!!

  53. I hope you have a great birthday. My birthday is in April...I just bought an organizing tote for all my cricut carts but I need another that is probably what I will ask for. And probably a few more carts. LOL. I will post about your giveaway on my blog. Happy Birthday!

  54. Elsa,

    Happy Birthday!!!!
    I already follow
    Love visiting your blog, you do really beautiful work. I love going back to past days and checking out what you have done.

    thanks for sharing and for the chance to win:)
    I posted on my blog

  55. Happy Birthday Elsa, a little early! I am a follower and love your blog! For my birthday, I just want to spend time with my family and friends. Thank you for the chance to win!

  56. Hi Elsa,
    What a great giveaway. I'm following, posting, and commenting. Thanks for this opportunity!

  57. Happy EARLY Birthday! For my birthday I just want to sit home and SCRAP! Life gets so busy sometimes and things we LOVE to do we sometimes don't get enough of a chance to do! Thanks for the oppertunity to win!


  58. Love your cute blog! I just want to be healthy for my I wish for good health. :)
    You are born on the same day that my oldest was born... What a great day!!!
    Happy early birthday!!!

  59. Hey there ! Happy Early B Day to you too !!! OOO..I've wanted this cart for a while :) Hmm...for my birthday, I wish for happiness and peace for my happiness for my family :)
    I'm a follower and I'll post the pic on my side bar :)

    thanks for the chance to win
    the condes at gmail dot com

  60. Happy Birthday!. I'm not entering in the giveaway, so if you draw my number, throw back and draw again, lol. Just wanted to send you good wishes and tell you I enjoy your blog :)

  61. Happy {early} Birthday Elsa!!! What a fantastic gift your hubby gave you. My b-day just passed (1/8) and I had wished for a ring, but didnt get it. (sad face here).
    Wishing you wonderful birthday wishes on Jan. 27 ♥
    diane - ownhomedog74 at aol com

  62. I will be 40 in April I just want my family to be with me and a YourStory machine. That being said I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  63. Happy Happy Birthday Elsa!!! I know I'm early!!! I'm already a follower and put your blog candy on my blog!!!! I would like to have a green house to garden
    Rebecca Minor

  64. Happy Birthday! My birthday isn't until december, but I am sure I will want more scrappy goodies! Thanks for the chance to win! I posted in my sidebar!
    ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

  65. Happy Happy Birthday. Just letting you know that I have posted your blog candy on my blog sidebar and become a follower. For my birthday this summer I would like a stamping cruise with all my best buds (we can all dream). If I can't have that I will settle for more Cricut Cartdridges or Martha Stewart Punches. Hope you have a wonderful b-day.

  66. wow i just love a follower and very happy to be...wonderful blog so much inspiration...for my birhday would love a shoppinfg spree at my favorite crafting places....always could use more card making supplies....

    thanks for the chance to win


  67. Happy Early Birthday. Husbands are great, especially when they get you what you want.

    Thanks for the chance. I am posting on my side bar.

    coachfans at cox dot net

  68. Happy Birthday. Thanks for the chance to win. This is a great give away. What I want for my birthday this year would probably be for my family to be together having a good time. Thats the best. I will post about your give away on my blog.
    Thanks again...
    facebookandothers67 at yahoo dot com

  69. Happy Birthday! I'm a new follower! Love your blog. For my birthday I would love a gift certificate to Papertrey Ink. ... in a very large denomination! lol Thanks for change to win. Jude jpretli at

  70. My birthday is the 19th. I have this announcement on my sidebar.

    Have an awesome birthday!

    vndlewis at rocketmail dot com

  71. hi, I am so happy to be here. I too got the cricut imagine for my birthday in november. Arnt we so lucky. I want to win the happy hauntings cartridge so bad. It is one of my favorites. To your question about my wish, I would love to go to ireland for my future birthdays. I have always wanted to visit there. dont know why Im not irish. Ha Ha. Guess I just like leprerchans. I will post your candy on my blog. Happy birthday. gina kinde

  72. Hi, Happy Birthday. Love your site and a chance to win Happy Hauntings Cartridge. This year for my birthday I would like a new cricut Imagine Cartridge.

  73. Happy Birthday! What lovely candy you have! My birthday isn't until October, but I would LOVE to get an Imagine...


  74. I a follower!! My B-day isn't for a long time but I think I really want a cinch this year for my b-day! Thanks for this giveaway! You can reach me at:

  75. Happy birthday. I would love to get a pink atg for my birthday and about twenty other things. lol. I put your candy on my blog.

  76. Happy Birthday!! I almost missed it. I just found you and became a follower and I will post you on my blog. Your blog is wonderful.

  77. Happy happy birthday!! How nice of you to share with us on your birthday. I would love to win this cart. I am following your blog and I have posted your giveaway to my blog's sidebar:

    Hmmm....for my birthday, I would love to get some scrapping goodies and a day at the spa. ;)


  78. I just became a follower.
    I do not have a blog! Too busy following everyone else.
    I would love to have peace and quiet for my birthday this year - my quads were born the day after my birthday so I sincerely doubt that will happen. They turn 13 this year - YIKES.
    Happy birthday!!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    fourkidstwocats at msn dot com

  79. I hope you have an absolutely fantastic Birthday!
    mary3mom at yahoo dot com

  80. That is so exciting that you got the cricut, this year I want to have a spa getaway with just me and my husband. I am new to blogging and don't know how to post your candy in my sidebar but I will definitely be blogging about it! Have a great birthday!!!

  81. Happy Early Birthday!

    I've been stalking you for a while now and finally decided to become a follower!

    What I want for my birthday is for my new scrap room finished! We are building an "apartment" in the basement for my eldest child and I am turning her old room into a computer/scrap room. We are still in the "stud" phase. A lot of work still needs to be done! Ugh!

    nginerd at gmail dot com

  82. Happy Birthday to you! What a sweet hubby you have! For my birthday I want the new Embellished Botanicals cartridge and a JOB!!! LOL! I was laid off my job in August after 14 1/2 years and I'm going crazy with no money to spend on crafts! Argh! Anyway, I hope you have a lovely birthday.

    lucyblueeyz at yahoo dot com

  83. Happy Birthday
    I don't ask to much for my birthday.
    Just one day for me to do what I want, whith out rushing, just to RELAX....
    That will be the perfect birthday for me

  84. Really cute projects that you do here. I'd be happy to be a follower, and I hope you have a happy birthday! (I hope I win ;)
    -Paper Panther

  85. Happy Birthday Elsie! I love your purple blog. I just found you and am now a GFC follower as tonasun.

    Thanks for having such a generous giveaway and letting me enter.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  86. Happy Birthday ~ Thank you for having such an awesome giveaway!!
    I just became a follower :-)

  87. i follow your blog

    happy birthday!

  88. for my birthday I want gc to amazon

  89. I am a follower now. I will post this on the sidebar of my blog. My birthday is the week after yours! Feb 4th. I got the imagine in Sept as my Christmas and Birthday gift but then got "permission" to buy tons of new carts in Dec. when there were sales!
    This year I would like to get 3 or 4 carts for my birthday or in the timeframe of a month or so. Not too picky!
    Happy Birthday to you! I am giving lots of goodies away in Feb on my blog. Please help me spread the word. I will be posting about this later in the week.

  90. Happy Birthday!! I want what YOU got for your birthday, haha!! A girl can dream, right? I'll post this on my sidebar. :)

  91. Happy Birthday...Im a new follower and all I want for my birthday is a cuttlebug :)
    I see such cute things done with the cuttlebug and since I am so new to paper crafts I havent been able to purchase EVERYTHING I would like :)
    There is just too much cool and useful things
    I posted on my sidebar...come check me out

  92. Happy Birthday, I'm now a follower. I don't have a blog since I would not have time to keep it up. My wife an I just got a Cricut this X-mas. Been having fun with it and hope to get some great ideas from all the blogs I've been following. My birthday wish this year would be a full day of fly fishing!!

    Mike at sbcglobal dot net

  93. Happy Birthday!! I'm now a follower (but don't have a blog (yet). My birthday isn't until end of Nov...maybe I'd like the new Cricut by then!! Thanks for giveaway...I've wanted this cartridge for a while now.